Buckhorn District Tourist Association

Welcome to Buckhorn!

Our roots are steeped deep in history. Buckhorn is a community that gives a respectful nod to the past, but also fully embraces new roads forward to expand its residency and the support of new business.


The Kawarthas are quickly becoming one of the most popular new regions that reflect the increasingly growing recreational real estate market in Ontario.

As the urban real estate markets continue to expand beyond the reach of many, cottages and rural residences are becoming an economical way to migrate into home ownership.  Young professionals are starting to appreciate the work-life balance that cottage living provides and Buckhorn offers this lifestyle to both full and part-time residences. Our business landscape is quickly changing.  With many companies offering flex hours and remote workspaces, it makes it easier to live and work outside of an urban area.  Buckhorn is located approximately 2 hrs NE of Toronto which makes it ideal for quick weekend getaways and weekly commutes.

Our natural beautify inspires outdoor living with year-round activities that include, boating, water sports, hiking, snowshoeing and camping.  Most resorts are open year round and offer event and conference spaces for family and work getaways.

Our local casual and fine dining feature 'farm to table' menus that use only the freshest seasonal produce and locally crafted product…or stroll through the booths at our weekly Farmers Market to inspire your own gastronomic creation!

Local galleries are the best way to spend a lazy Sunday.  Exhibits feature works from both emerging new talent to local artisans. Our galleries curate collections that are reflective of our community and the beauty of our landscape.


Our History

It appears that Buckhorn lake acquired its name as a consequence of its shape, appearing similar in shape to a buck's head with antlers or horns projecting either side, being Pigeon and Chemong Lakes.

It was Irish immigrant John Hall who was one of the first in the region to recognize the promise the Buckhorn area held, and in 1828 he purchased property on either side of the rapids at Buckhorn Lake. He constructed a dam and milling complex to help the region’s settlers and the settlement became known as Hall’s Rapids. In time the mill was removed to make way for what is now the Buckhorn Locks...